Shenzhen AVIC Center

Showsuite & Demo Office

A classy and substantially practical space is the philosophy for this International Grade A Office Building, so the interior design team opted for a minimalist approach for the this showsuite and demo office.


Without any pillar, the area is super spacious. We would like to amplify this spacious feeling, smooth surfaces were used throughout the internal spaces, a palette of white , marble and golden brown unifies the reception area and demo office environment to create continuity .


The demo office is an open-plan workstations layout allows ample light to reach each desk, as well as providing employees with impressive skyline vistas.


“We hope to include dramatic elements that lend it a distinctly modern feel to impress visitors.” At the reception area, window blinds were specially outfitted in angle to allow the natural light flood in diagonally, triangular slap were rest on the floor to form a reception, a secret sculptural object playing with diagonal lines is the dynamic elements of the space, all these were designed to create a surreal ambience and a space that feels transformative.

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