China Resources Land –
CRC Center Wucai City

Retail Complex Showsuite

An extensive, futuristic, ethereal renovation that creates a white-washed glowing environment.


To show off this 5-stars high-end retail complex commercial value, the sensory appeal is achieved by playing with colors, angular lines, and shapes. The interior for the concierge area is segmented in space and fabricated with various geometric shapes set into distinct pattern, walls and ceilings that are also linearly diagonal. This area immediately confronts visitors, massive white geometrically faceted surface with golden touch up that runs through the environment.


Gold and white is an aesthetically stunning color scheme in contrast, sometimes shining, sometimes monochromatic. It is a senses with clean brightness, both practical and artificial.


The spaceship landing like reception table and bench is the most standout element of the success, these futuristic spots are real showstoppers.

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