Dragon Range (HK)

Residential Showsuite and Show Flat

 The property is in mid-level Shatin, well known for the tranquil environment, also is an expensive and affluent residential area in the New Territories.


Castalia Court is the residential project of Kerry Property Limited located in the core area of Hangzhou Zhijiang National Tourist and Holiday Resort.


To stand out the prestige status as being the owner of this residential property, we want to let customers experience the geographic advantage of living in : the sales center is designed with Contour Lines , Scatter Leaves, Streamline Layout, make you feel you’ve got the wind and mountain in your hand. Winding hallway specially featured oriental styled landscape water painting on the wall, get you the hint of mountains in the shape, evoke your interaction with the natural world and open the view of your mind. The Japanese style Shoji Screen Doors are alternative visual experience to describe the art of ZEN philosophy – Simple Luxe Living.

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