FILA x Jason Wu

Pop-up Store Design

The Jason Wu line of FILA is a collaboration with function and fashion chic, modern and heritage.


All from a deluxe packaging…we created a modular system for product display.


The pop-up store will be established with a classy and sophisticated tone and manner,
it will be mainly clad in marble and marble bricks (which is actually the packaging boxes produced with marble prints), supplemented by chrome bronze pillars, the metallic surface with high affinity gives out a modern touch to the shop which ideally reflects the philosophy of the brand. Some other contemporary detail designs on wall, floor, screen mesh & layers are transcribed from some sports factors.


We have chosen marble as the lead, it is a cultural symbol of tradition and refine taste, grand and premium high quality. Marble has an unrivalled, classic look that always seems to be in style.

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