Kerry Plaza II


An impressive and iconic model in showroom designs.


Shenzhen Kerry Plaza is a Grade-A Office and Retail Complex in the area, targeting international high-profile tenant, so Spacebar employs clean, modern and sophisticated interior design that serves this objective.


Intended to complement the world-class branding of Kerry Properties, the showsuite is customized to a 2-level workspace. Minimal feel throughout is achieved with light-toned surfaces and simple fittings.


The clean upscale finishes further open up the space. White-painted wall bounce light around the area, with wood cabinetry adding warmth, creating a natural, earthy palette, resulted in a sophisticated, professional and corporate cozy atmosphere.


A golden angular slopping installation was design to institute the reception lobby, carefully positioned to serve the purpose to hide the obstacle structural column, while the golden feature wall creates cohesion with the contemporary undulating sculpture.

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