Levels Cafe

Interior Design

An airy and fresh interior space for a local café.


This meaningful project – from concept and branding (visuals, signage, packaging) to interior, furniture, fixtures design, fabrication and installation– has come from Spacebar in cooperation with Hypsos, the job was done so beautifully. The marshmallow interiors, turquoise blue green, curving forms, matt table top in white and timber, and wooden signage walls are all fit in.


The mission of Levels Café is to promote and facilitate opportunities that advance social equality by reducing poverty, particularly among people and communities that are disadvantaged or marginalized from the mainstream economy / conventional employment opportunities.


Brand, business, cultural values and people: these are some of the key considerations the Spacebar designers always keep in our creative. The core belief at Levels Café is balance and equal, so Spacebar chosen color tone of blue green / turquoise set out a calm and equal feeling, all of us are living under the same big sky, every person has equal right and deserves respect. There are no limitations under this blue green environment, leading people enter into a wider world and build up a greater community.


The brand logo of the café is the outline of a cup lid; also, it could be water level when pouring drink or coffee from a cup, at the same time, it shows “equal”, “social equality”: the word “level” with a mirror effect, it is balance and equal, fair and even.

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