Kerry Properties LionsRise


An award winning showsuite.


The LionsRise Showsuite show casts a new and big residential complex situated in the city centre of Kowloon, Hong Kong.


The space is in a 3 media zone layout, with an indentation booth displays a miniature model showing projection and animation that energise this confined spaces which provides 3D visual impact to the audience.


Created by yU+co lab, video on moving glass screen bringing a new experience and add vibrancies to the showroom as well.


Focus on clean, minimal LINES, the interior is natural, earthy palette, fitted with stone flooring.  Timber panelling lines some of the wall, featuring sloping angular edge.  The vertical gardens creating a powerful green texture on wall. The result is a dynamic illusion space that exceeds its commercial function and offers an exhibition of the rapid development of the land under Lion Rock of Kowloon.


The “LionsRise”Showsuite received the Hong Kong Design Association Global Design Award 2011.

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