Ping An International Finance Centre

Demo Office & Showsuite

Ping An International Finance Centre is the China’s 2nd tallest building, is a high-end commercial complex. Our team was assigned to develop the demo office and showsuite of this tower to show off its premier value.


To emulate the iconic chevron-shaped facades of this building, we applied the art of “Origami”, giving the interior design a prismatic aesthetic. The outcome is dramatic, angular and interacts in a diagonal formation which employed consistently throughout the whole interior.


Demo office is carved out with theatrical curves, the wooden floor undulate upward, travel from floor to form workstation, to form walls and shelves, all were inspired by the skyscraper outstretched by the sky and the ground at once. The office space mesmerizing twists and turns to achieve visual continuity and creates impactful experience.


It is a style and functionality come together experiment and the curve travel upward like waves add dynamic and modern aesthetic.

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