Kerry Properties SOHO 189


Kerry Properties “ SOHO 189”Showsuite – An award winning design playing on the idea of Characteristic Rhythm of Life.


“SOHO 189” is a single block building, providing executive serviced apartments, located in Hong Kong Island West, where the area is exotic, hip, historical and colonial chic.


The energetic lifestyle of the SOHO 189 community is interior expressed as the perception and abstraction of rhythm and music of life. Music, as an art form of cultural activity, an important element of style, and we put it into the visual experiment of a “Timed Movement Through Space” in this showsuite. The unique composition of light, shadows create a long and short pulse, strong and weak flash in a cyclical phenomenon.


The bench made up of wavy wood paneling is the language of pattern unites music notes and chords, forming a regular recurring motion of rhythm.


All these beat-based rhythmic visual presentation influences our heartbeat melody and emotional affection.


The “SOHO 189” Showsuite received the Hong Kong Design Association Global Design Award 2011.

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